Find home within yourself and learn

how to own your

single life overseas

My name's Lindsey, a life coach who helps highly driven single women living overseas, uncover their authentic self and to feel empowered by their life choices, wherever they are in the world.

To help all women; eradicate doubt about their direction in life, lose feelings of loneliness, find their worth from within, discover what really lights them up inside and most importantly… embody this fulfilment in their everyday life without fear of judgement. By working with me they’ll no longer compare themselves to societal expectations or seek answers or validation from a new country or opportunity.


Are you feeling lost, stuck or unfulfilled?

You think finding your life partner will give you this direction? This might not be the first time you've lived abroad and you’re trying to understand why you find it so hard to settle in one place? You have moved because you’re searching for this happiness or contentment that everyone else seems to have? Or maybe you’re running away from past events? You often compare yourself to society’s conventional view of success (marriage/babies/mortgage!) and you think you’re a failure for not achieving this? 

Are you someone who thinks?

“I don’t know where I belong and I’m still looking for home”

“I struggle to meet like minded people and I feel lonely

I’ve felt all of the above at some point in my life. In the last 10 years my search for all the answers and somewhere I felt at home led me to 6 different countries. I thought that meeting ‘Mr Right’ would solve all my problems and give me a direction to follow. If I saved enough money to buy a house then I’d be successful. Wondering if I was the only one that questioned the 9-5 working week and living for the weekend? If I relocate maybe I’ll find the person or thing that makes me happy too? 


I was always looking outward and for external factors to fix me. Today, it doesn’t matter where I’m living in the world; I know that I’m successful, I feel aligned with my true purpose and I’m empowered to create happiness for my authentic self…and I discovered it all from within!  

After working with me you will feel

  • Excited to discover your authentic self and what you really want to do with your life.

  • Aligned and waking up with purpose everyday, not just waiting for the weekend and holidays.

  • Confident about your life path and free from societal expectations of success.

  • Grounded and self assured, believing that you’re creating the best life for you.

  • Strong, independent and empowered to create your own happiness, not waiting for a partner to make it happen!

  • Successful because you’ll have accomplished goals that support this happiness and fulfilment.

  • Worthy and self accepting; believing that you are good enough exactly the way you are.

  • Loved and surrounded by like minded people that support and encourage you to be your true self.

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