Life behind the lens

You've done it! You've made the big leap and decided to live overseas! Your friends at home are threatening to unfollow you because they're so jealous of your new life...and they should be...right?

The perks of living in South East Asia...the Philippines are only a 4hr flight away!

This is the first post for a blog that I hope will resonate with everyone who is or ever has lived away from home. Living overseas can be a fantastic experience and all the boozy brunches, seasonnaire parties and new holiday horizins can truly feel as fabulous as the instagram filters portray. This is definitely not a blog to put people off living away from home!

However, over the years I've struggled to understand why I might not be satisfied or happy with my life at certain points. Not feeling entitled to be sad because how can a such a lucky girl be unsatisfied with a life like this? This is cemented by friends and family at home that avidly follow and support you and then you feel even more pressure to keep smiling in your stories and 'living your best life'. You carry on avoiding any niggling doubts, worries or concerns until one day you start crying over spilt milk...literally in my case!

I want this blog to be authentic and real, to discuss the highs and the lows of living away from home and to normalise any feelings or worries that fellow expats can relate to. As with all social media, both at home or overseas, it's just a highlight reel of an individual's life and for's an even glossier one but 'life' happens wherever you're living in the world and I think sometimes we need to remember that.

It doesn't matter if you're in week one, month six or year five of your overseas experience, I hope to offer advice for countering any negative feelings as well as tips for 'owning' your decision to live abroad and getting the best you can out of the experience!

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