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By working with me you'll uncover what truly lights you up inside and bring you home to your authentic self. Once we figure out what YOUR version of success and happiness looks like we’ll work towards making it your everyday reality.

Working with me

Through my 1:1 coaching I help highly driven single women feel empowered by their life choices. To stop comparing themselves to others and instill the confidence to follow their authentic path and what truly brings them happiness and fulfilment. They will no longer rely on external factors like a relationship to feel worthy and successful but learn that value and worthiness comes from within.  


In working with me and my unique ‘OWNING IT’ pillar programme you'll learn how to finally feel at home within yourself, all by yourself...wherever you’re living in the world.

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I can help you if you...

  • Have lived in numerous countries but are still looking for home

  • Think a relationship will finally make you happy and give you the direction you're looking for

  • Don’t feel like you belong or are accepted where you live

  • Feel lonely and struggle to connect properly with your friends 

  • Find it hard to be your real self

  • Say yes when you really mean no 

  • Are scared of commitment

  • Don’t think you're good enough

  • Want to discover your passion and find a fulfilling career

  • Feel lost and looking for direction and purpose

  • Still feel unfulfilled when you're life is perfect on paper

  • Compare yourself to other people and society’s idea of success

  • Worry what other people think about you


Looking at your SINGLE status and if this impacts the way you think about yourself and your future happiness. You’ll learn that a relationship won’t give you the direction you’re looking for in life or fill a void of contentment or self worth. Instead, I’ll show you that your happiness, success and fulfillment are found from within. With my support you’ll never feel alone and unworthy again

Uncovering your VALUES and PASSIONS and what makes you truly happy. Once we’ve discovered these I’ll give you all the tools and confidence to step outside your comfort zone and pursue them. You’ll no longer worry what others might think of you or if your idea of happiness doesn’t look like everyone else's.

Gaining clarity on your CAREER goals and how you can progress in your field or if changing direction altogether is the next best step for you. Together we’ll find out what truly motivates and fulfills you, kickstarting your journey away from those Sunday night blues, living for the weekend and questioning your purpose in the world. 

Discovering what HOME truly means to you. Are you waiting to be ‘settled’ before you can live in your dream space? We’ll discuss how we can turn your current living space into your sanctuary of the now rather than your future. You’ll learn that making a commitment, no matter how big or small, can eliminate feelings of transiency and wondering where you belong in the world.

How to find FRIENDS that are aligned with your authentic self and who you can truly connect with and are supported by. These friendships will banish loneliness, feeling that you don’t really belong and you’ll no longer have to change yourself to fit in with those around you.

Devising future GOALS that are aligned with your own journey and timeline. Once we’ve nailed down what truly lights you up inside you’ll no longer stress over others’ progress. You’ll be excited to pursue your own success and what happiness truly means to you. You’ll learn that everyone's path contains different milestones and you’re not a failure for not following everyone else.

How to listen to your INTUITION. This is your very own ‘North Star’, navigating you on your true path to happiness and fulfillment. I’ll show you tips and tricks for how you can recognise it and how to listen. We’ll also uncover anything that might push you off course such as worrying what other people might think of you and by reframing old limiting beliefs.

Staying aligned with your TRUTH. Giving you the confidence to stay true to your authentic self and follow your own path in life. You’ll learn how to implement boundaries with friends and with yourself. You’ll no longer say yes when you really mean no and prioritise controlling your own thoughts rather than moulding others to feel liked or accepted.

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I am here to support you in finally coming home to YOURSELF, no matter where you’re living in the world. With my help you will uncover your purpose and what truly lights you up inside. No more aimless wandering and indecisiveness about what step you should take next and waiting for a relationship to give you this direction.  You’ll be excited to travel your OWN path and stop comparing yourself to others, worrying why your life doesn’t look the same as everyone else's. Your successful and unique journey may still take you across the world but you’ll no longer be looking for that next country to make you happy or a different city for that fix of newness and adventure. You’ll discover your self worth from within and how you can find direction and fulfilment flying solo. You’ll realise you’re enough all by yourself and how you don’t need romantic attention to validate you. No matter where you’re living you’ll never have to feel lonely again, I’ll teach you how to find people that make you feel at home and with friends that support the authentic you. 

I want to help you realise there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you for being single or any of the decisions you’ve made so far in your life. The answers to all of your questions and doubts about your journey are already inside of you and by working together we’ll uncover the solutions, empowering you to lead a successful and fulfilled life going forwards. Once you've found happiness by yourself, a loving relationship will be the cherry on top to a life you already love!  

Over 3 months we’ll cover my 8 pillar programme ‘OWNING IT’ overseas, tailoring it to your individual needs and focusing on one area more than others if that’s what’s right for you. So if you’re someone that holds strong beliefs around worth and your relationship status, we can focus more time on your old stories that make you doubt your value. Or if finding ‘your thing’ is most important we can dig deeper into what lights you up, realising when time flies most for you and what you’re naturally good at. We’ll then spend time setting goals and milestones to ensure you spend more of your day doing what you love! Maybe you don’t quite know what it is that’s missing from your life so we can delve into all 8 pillars until we discover what’s most significant for you. This is for you if;

  • You’ve recently moved abroad for the first time and are struggling to feel settled

  • You’re an experienced expat but still feel unfulfilled, lost and lonely

  • You're thinking about heading home to find a husband to feel 'complete' and 'successful'

  • You’ve made numerous moves across the world but still have itchy feet in search of home

  • You’re looking for your next step in life but unsure what will make you happy

  • You want to feel more grounded and self assured with your current lifestyle and are worried it’s not heading in the same direction as others. 

  • You’re curious to discover what your purpose is and how you can get closer to uncovering it